Sunday, 3 June 2012


THE ENLIGHTENERS AND MOTIVATORS is a learning platform for youth and it is an opportunity for the youth of Pakistan to prove their selves. It is a group of people which includes youth activists,painters, fashion designers , students ,writers, debaters,artists,actors and all the people who are something in their selves. It promotes youth in whatever it wants to be.

It is basically a society of well-educated and literate Youth of Pakistan .It creates and involves workshops and dramas for awareness of the youth of Pakistan,for entertainment it includes dramas and concerts .Young people can join us and they can be actor and the new bands can also join us and can become YOUNG SINGERS & member of TEAM.

It is a forum which provides you a platform to be a good actor, model ,fashion designer , writer , debater , painter , web master and whatever you wish to become.
It helps you to know about your skills which are hidden in ur self.It ACTUATES you to do something better and it makes you unique day by day 24/7.It makes you to jump around the world and it makes you to go beyond sky and beyond your limits (positive) because there are no limits and boundaries for doing good and becoming good.

ARISHA NAZ,the owner of this organization has plan to make the world unique and better place to live in.This is possible when you are with me (the owner) and with TEAM.